25 - 27 June 2024

11 AM - 7 PM

Egypt International Exhibition Center (EIEC)

Egypt is the top cement producer in Africa.


In the heart of Egypt's dynamic industrial sector, the cement industry stands as a pivotal force for growth and innovation. With an impressive annual output of 92 million tons, Egypt has secured its place to be Africa’s top producers. This significant achievement not only solidifies Egypt's international stature but also substantially strengthens the country's industrial foundation.

Minister Samir outlined a strategic roadmap for sustainable development within the industrial sector, with a special emphasis on cement production. He highlighted the government's commitment to revitalizing local and regional manufacturers, fostering a dynamic industrial ecosystem that promotes growth and capitalizes on the vital contributions of the private sector.



The narrative of Egypt's cement industry is characterized by its expanding global reach, as evidenced by a notable increase in exports. In the first nine months of 2023 alone, the cement’s export value surged by 22 percent, reaching an impressive $625 million. This marks a significant rise from $512 million in the corresponding period of 2022, indicating robust expansion and international competitiveness. (Source: State Information Service)

As Egypt's cement industry continues to pioneer new frontiers, it remains a cornerstone of the nation's industrial might and a beacon of innovation, steering towards a sustainable and economically resilient future.